History - Presidents of the Plenary

Sotirios Polidoras (1989 – 1993)


Sotirios Polidoras was born in Perivolia of Ileia. He graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Athens. He was an active lawyer for 40 years and distinguished lawyer for criminal cases. He was President of the Athens Bar Association from 1989-1993). He died in 2007. 

He finished his studies while working and participated to the student and syndicalistic fights of his time. He was one of the founding members of the Working Students Association (1955) and as trainee to the Fight Committee of Trainee Lawyers in 1961-1964.



Takis Pappas (1993 – 1996)


Takis Pappas (Trikala 1942-Spetses 1st July 2001) was a famous lawyer of criminal cases, politician and partisan, one of the most important personalities of the legal world.

He was born in Thessalia, but very soon he moved in Athens. As a young man he participated to the fights for democracy as member of EDA. As as student of the Law Faculty in Athens, he was arrested many times from the police for participating in demonstrations. After the military junta of 1967, the junta has deprived him the license to exercise the profession of lawyer,with the excuse that he did not have a certificate of right political thoughts. From 1969 he was defending fighters against the junta, but in 1972 he was arrested again from the Police and tortured. In 1972 he has been exiled in Kerasoxori of Eyritania and in Thermo of Trichonis. 

In 1973 he has captivated and tortured for 6 months in the cells of EAT-ESA. As a consequence of those tortures he had neurologic disease that followed him ever since. After the restoration of democracy he was member of the board of governors of the Athens Bar Association for 20 years, and President of the Athens Bar from 1993-1996. From 1994 he was member of PASOK, but in 2000 after disagreeing with the strategy of the political party he left. He was also candidate with the political party of DIKKI in the national elections of 9th April 2000. He was also founding member of the “Democratic coiling for freedom of the people’ .


Antonis Roupakiotis (1996 – 2002)

Ρουπακιώτης Antonis Roupakiotis was born in Athani of Lefkas in 1938. He was an active lawyer of Athens and President of the Athens Bar Association from 1996-2002. He was member of the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Dat. In 17.05.2012 he was appointed Minister of Labour and Social Security and from  June 2012 he has been Minister of Justice.



Dimitris Paxinos (2002 – 2011)

Παξινός Dimitris Paxinos was born in 1949 in Lefkada. He studied in the Law Faculty of the University of Athens. He was elected for the first time in the board of the Athens Bar Association in 1976. He has been President of the Athens Bar from 2002-2011. He has been honoured He has been honoured for his offer from the CCBE and has been given the honourary title of Lord Legate by the Ecumenical Patriach of Constantinople Bartholomew for his services in defending the human rights.



Ioannis Adamopoulos (2011 -2014)


Giannis Adamopoulos was born in 1962 in Sklirou of Messinia. He studied law in the Dimokriteion University of Thrace. He is an active lawyer in Athens from 1986.

He has been for many years counselor of the Athens Bar Association. On 8th March of 2011 he was elected President of the Athens Bar Association. On April of 2005 he was appointed as “The Consumer’s Defender”. From November 2007 he has been President of the Organization of Professional Education and Accreditation (OEEK), President of the Evaluation Committee for Colleges and Vice President of the National System for the Connection of Professional Education with the Labour (ESEEKA).From February until October 2009 he has been General Secretary of Communication in the Ministry of Transportations.



Vassileios Alexandris (2014 - 2018)


Vassileios Alexandris  (father’s name Eustathios) was born in Athens in 1955. He graduated from the  Fifth High School of Athens. Then he studied in the Law Faculty of Dimokriteion University of Thrace and graduated on April of 1980.

In 1992 he received his dissertation from the Law Faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His thesis, under the supervision of  the professor Mr I. Manoledakis had the following subject: “ The crime of blackmail” and has been published from Antonis Sakkoulas Publications in 1995.

He is an active lawyer since 1982. The main object of his professional activity are criminal law cases (mostly crimes against life and fortune, economical crimes and  crimes against the press) , at all levels of  jurisdiction.

From 1995-1998 he teached in the Seminars of the Athens Bar Association for young lawyers.

He was a regular partner of the scientific magazine “Defence”(founded by I.Manoledakis and I.Tsatsos) all the years of its publication.

He has written a series of scientific researches published in scientific magazines (“Defence” magazine ) as well as in  collective volumes ( for example:Alexandris/Tsolka,Facility debauchery and other indecent actions, Antonis Sakkoulas Publications 1998, N.Kourakis, Policy against Crime, Antonis Sakkoulas Publications,2001..This researches deal with matters of  procedural criminal law, and have comparative reports in foreign law systems. Moreover, he has published many comments on case law decisions in scientific magazines (from 1993 till now).

His views concerning modern law issues have been published in the newspapers “Ta Nea”, “To Ethnos”,”Eleftherotipia”. Some of these issues deal with the problem of the acceleration of justice, of temporary custody and the conditions of custody and the problem of electronic surveillance (visual and acoustic)

He is member of the Hellenic Criminal Law Society and the Union of Greek Criminal Law Lawyers .

He is married and father of two children.

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