The Plenary as coordinating body

  1. “Τhe Plenary of Presidents of Greek Bar Associations” is the coordinating body of Bar Associations all over the country.
  2. The Plenary is the highest representative body of Greek lawyers.
  3. The independence and autonomy of Greek Bar Associations, as determined in the article 89 of the Code of Lawyers, is unaffected by the function, the suggestions and the decisions of the Plenary of Presidents. The decisions of the Plenary are the guidelines for decision taking by the organs of the Greek Bar Association and are useful for dealing with their problems and the realization of their goals.
  4. Automatically, the Presidents of Greek Bar Associations are members of the Plenary, after their election. The President of a Bar, in case of impediment, can appoint a member of the Council Board to replace him.
  5. The Plenary is based in Athens, where there are its premises and personnel. As far as the personnel of the Plenary is concerned, the provisions of the article 95 par.5 of the Code of Lawyers, are applied mutatis mutandis.
  6. The Plenary is governed by a three member presidium, by the Presidents of Athens, Thessalonica and Piraeus Bar Associations. President and representative of the Plenary is the President of the Athens Bar Association.
  7. The annual subscription of each Bar,defined by decision of the Plenary,  is the financial resource of the Plenary. A regulation compiled by a committee of seven members and approved by the Plenary by majority, regulates matters of the Plenary’s function.
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