Plenary Sessions

  1. The Plenary meets at least once every month, after written invitation of the President or after application of at least 10 members to the President. He has the obligation within a period of a month after the application to call the Plenary. The invitation of the President or the application of the members has to report the matters of the agenda. 
  2. If the President does not call within a month the Plenary, the Plenary can confer automatically the next Saturday after the passing of the above five day deadline in the premises of the Athens Bar Association. For this particular session, the Presidium is elected by the Plenary, who finishes its works in one meeting. It is forbidden to cut the works of this particular Plenary for a next meeting. 
  3. The Plenary is in quorum when at least the three fifths of its members are present. It can decide with roll-call vote and absolute majority of the present members.
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